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Programme for Advanced Research in Ayurveda Sciences

  • Research in Ayurveda has been dominated by studies on medicinal plants and the development of herbal drugs. However, basic research which employs modern physiology, immunology, and biochemistry to investigate the concepts, procedures, and products has received little attention.
  • Research in Ayurvedic academic institutions are limited to MD MS PhD thesis writing and some clinical trials only. That is not sufficient to sustain current trends in Ayurveda research.
  • With this new institute founded in 2015, MAM is proposing an “active autonomous R&D body under MAM” to facilitate, provide, encourage and appreciate research ideas and projects to gather funds from various organizations to develop in house research meshwork and platform according to global needs.
  • To nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge-based support system at MAM to facilitate advanced evidence based Ayurveda research activities at PARAS.
Priority Areas:
  • Project proposals relating to the infrastructure development
  • In house pharmacy drug standardization along with clinical trials
  • Herbal products standardization or Ayurvedic procedures for safety and efficacy will be given priority by R &D unit.
  • Medical Educational research
  • School and social welfare projects
  • Tribal development and healthcare Initiatives in remote areas
  • Water conservation and Waste management
  • Quality Assurance Cell: ISO/NAAC/NABH
  • International collaborations
  • Maharashtra Arogya Mandal established Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra in 1960 and as a result of huge clinical and social service; founders felt the need of more same minded doctors. Education is the key to transformation of society. On this firm social welfare foundation of 30 years MAM started SSAM in 1990, keeping in view need of well trained, research oriented social service mined doctors. From the very first batch students had opportunities in basic, clinical and research work.
  • Clinical service project in tribal area helped them to provide innovative solutions to tribal healthcare along with Ayurveda care for sickle cell anemia patients
  • Not only in tribal area but economically under privileged patient base in Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra gave them research orientation to develop sustainable and easy to adopt health solutions. ‘Single herb’ preparations and development of new in house formulations, gave them practical training in research practices.
  • Dr Pranita Joshi Deshmukh (Assistant Professor In Department of Sharir Kriya) took charge on 28Feb 2015 as Research Coordinator in inaugural function of PARAS in presdence of eminent Scientist Dr Bhushan Patwardhan and Dr S F Patil President MAM and Mr A.S Gujar, Secretary MAM
  • Under PARAS in November 2014 Patent filing process of SC3 was completed then filed patent forms and documents at Mumbai Office on 5 March 2015.
  • In January 2015 was the month for submission of EMR on Suvarnabindu project and Sickle Cell Project. In February COE on Mother and Child Care was planned, drafted and submitted to state government in March 2015.
  • ISO certification of Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra was completed and awarded with 2008:9001 certifications in Dec 2015
Current Work of PARAS includes:
  1. Development Funding Projects for various educational activities of MAM including Dr Dada Gujar English Medium School and Muktangan Hostel to be submitted to National and International Bodies.
  2. Sickle Cell Research Projects at new centre Chopda, Jalgaon
  3. Centre of Excellence for Mother and Child Care
  4. Short term International Courses of Ayurveda for foreigners
  5. Patenting of two new herbal drugs from RASAMRUT pharmacy and technical equipment for Ayurveda Practicals
  6. Visits to various research laboratories and pharmacies to develop research infrastructure at MAM
  7. NABH for Sane Guruji Arogya Kendra
  8. MOU with major research institutes and laboratories
Research Facilities at MAM:
  1. Dr Dada Gujar Institute of Post Graduate Research in Ayurveda established in 2006 facilitates PG educational activities for MD, MS and PhD courses in Ayurveda.
  2. PG Library and E library
  3. SSAM’s PG Research Department to provide guidance and training in Research Methodology and Medical Statistics
  4. MAM also started Autonomous R and D institute PARAS (Programme for Advanced Research in Ayurveda Sciences) in 2015 to undertake clinical trials and collaborations with other research institutes and laboratories to cultivate research environment for UG and PG students. Students can get their project based pharmacological analysis done at best laboratories along with in house training opportunities to conduct clinical trials.
  5. RASAMRUT Ayurveda Pharmacy for development of herbal, herbo-mineral compounds for pharmaco-clinical research activities.