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History Of Maharastra Arogya Mandal

Maharashtra Arogya Mandal, reputably known as MAM stands for its idea and an ideal. The idea is to build up an institution through sacrifice and service. The idea is to extend maximum facilities to the rural poor to promote in them hygienic sense, to make them aware of the need for family planning and to contribute over all development of the people and area.

It was the enormous efforts of the principal founder member late Dr. Dada Gujar that has brought the institute to current glory. Along with him Dr. Baba Adhav, Dr. Gopal Shah, Dr. Martand Patil had come together and started “Sane Guruji Rugnalaya” with just four beds on 11th June 1960 in rented premises, Subsequently a Public Charitable Trust called Maharashtra Arogya Mandal was registered on 5th April 1961 of which Rugnalaya is main unit within a short time, the people at Hadapsar and in nearby villages were impressed by this team of dedicated young doctors, which was further strengthened when Dr. Sindhu Ketkar joined them.

In few years, the hospital earned a reputation for efficiency and for its concern for the poor. Four doctors from the group have left MAM to work in the field of their choice and from 1965 onwards Shri.S.T. alias Dada Gujar took over the onerous responsibility and with a team of colleagues like Shri R. S. patil, Dr. Prakash Pardeshi, Dr.B.M. Mehta, Dr. Suresh Patil, Dr. Kalyanrao Ware gave new orientation and impetus to MAM. Initially trust focused on health services however the trust had to widen its scope of activity.

In the year 1960, five people with social concerns came together and laid the foundation of Maharashtra Arogya Mandal at Pune. The basic aim was to provide healthcare to the weaker sections of society, to raise the living standard of the poor and make them stronger physically, mentally, and economically. Initially started as a sapling of small activity, now MAM has grown to a huge tree with many branches. Once started with a 4 bedded hospital in rented building, the Maharashtra Arogya Mandal is now the owner of a 225 bedded hospital, and there are separate buildings for schools and medical college of Indian medicine. The founders and mentors of this institute certainly owe our salutation.