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Sumatibhai Shah Ayurved Mahavidyalaya:

Background of the Institute
  • As quoted by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
  • Maharashtra Arogya Mandal founder and a visionary late Dr. Dada Gujar nurtured a dream of rural medical care by socially oriented expert doctors and established
    Sumatibhai Shah Ayurved Mahavidyalaya (SSAM) to impart education and practice Ayurveda in 1990. The main Aim of our educational institute is to facilitate young minds sense of social responsibility in terms of medical care and rural development in the vicinity of remote area in and around Maharashtra. Sumatibhai Shah Ayurved Mahavidyalaya is Ayurveda educational unit under Maharashtra Arogya Mandal (MAM).
Facilities and Courses Offered
  • The institute offers B.A.M.S., M.D., M.S., Diploma and Ph.D. in 13 various verticals of Ayurvedic Sciences. Recognized by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and Central Council of Indian, the institute is focused on preventive healthcare and medical treatment with high quality educational standards.
  • The curriculum is designed to infuse all the qualities that will help the students throughout their life. Students who come with science background and limited knowledge of Sanskrit, Manuscripts and Ayurveda terminology overcome this problem with special Sanskrit language trainings being provided.
  • During the graduate courses, interdepartmental, cognitive symposiums, lectures and trainings are offered. All over India, visits to academic, research and pharmaceutical industries are organized for students to let them experience and explore works of fellow Ayurveda fraternity members. Their clinical duties include many hands on trainings are conducted using advanced teaching aids like operation theatre, audio-video learning facility, simulation models and many more.
  • Dr. Dada Gujar’s son and Secretary of Maharashtra Arogya Mandal, Anil Sitaram Gujar says, “We are dedicated to provide the highest quality education, training, teaching, health care and research in the field of Ayurveda. We train student to become the healer of the future with a sense of social responsibility and ethics”
  • Gujar adds, “Educational institute must be updated with current advancement not only in science, social reforms but also teachings- learning technologies. Continuous medical education, reorientation training programs, workshops, hands on training, journal club, research workshops with advance knowledge along with national seminars and conferences are some of the activities which are regularly provided for curriculum enrichment of students.”
  • The institute conducts such activities, which help students and faculties to explore opportunities to learn and experiment to get in depth practical approach for curriculum. With academic benefits, these advance features cultivate seeds for many future research programs.
  • With student intake of 150 every year, SSAM maintains student-faculty ratio of 1:4. Teachers play important role in curriculum resources and technologies to connect their students with sources of information and knowledge. This in turn allows them to explore ideas, acquire and synthesize information, frame and solve problems.
Outreach Programs: Tribal to International Scope of Services
  • With a proactive research attitude, SSAM has been involved in number of activities including projects for students and good will of underprivileged patients. Clinical service project in tribal areas, ‘Single herb’ preparations and development of new in-house formulations, use of herbal dental care products, along with biodegradable herbal suturing materials are some of the student driven research programs which were implemented in SSAM on large scale.
  • This research works and innovations are said to be of immense help to students and faculties to provide innovative solutions to tribal healthcare along with Ayurveda care for sickle cell anaemia patients.
  • Institute publishes a quarterly research journal on Ayurveda research ‘Stayanveshnam Today’ delivering a platform for innovative research publication from medical field.
  • The institute has autonomous short-term courses for International students for propagation of Ayurveda.
Work for all - Work with all:
  • SSAM works as a platform for socially oriented committed doctors to serve the grassroots of the society by providing them high quality educational and research facilities. Education with social welfare gives the institute a noble recognition among parents seeking medical admissions for their wards. Maharashtra Arogya Mandal was committed enough to tackle such challenges by sustainable and quality educational services with existing limited resources.
  • The integrity of the institute lies on the belief, “A practitioner dedicated to understand his patients physical and psychological suffering and treating him accordingly. A practitioner treats an individual and not a disease.”